Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Kristen and Timothy - 21st September 2007

Our second wedding of the year was Kristen and Timothy and you could not believe that it was a wedding in September, beautiful blue skies as far as the eye could see. The ceremony was held at Christ Church in Claremont and the reception was held at the Melville Water Polo Club.

Kristen had a beautiful long veil that really inspired some creative shots. Kristen and Tim were so natural in front of the camera and Kristen could be in the middle of a laugh and Narelle would tell her to pose in a certain way and she would put on her “model pose” and she would be so photogenic! I wish I was this good in front of a camera.

Narelle Watson was the photographer and her fun and energetic presence kept everyone laughing and joking the whole day, which I'm sure would have made some beautiful photos. Kristen and Tim's photo locations were the Blue Boatshed in Crawley and Cliff Street in Fremantle.

Kristen and Tim decorated the reception themselves and what beautiful ambiance they created. Looking forward to editing your wedding guys!

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