Friday, 7 September 2007


The AVPA (Australian Video Producers Association) held their annual 2007 video awards on Wednesday 5th September in Melbourne. We are thrilled to announce that we have been notified that we have dominated the wedding videography category coming first place in the following areas;

Wedding Short Form (Creative presentation, non traditional format, new vogue, arty etc. Under 50min Duration)

Wedding Traditional (Single or Multi camera coverage, covering all aspects of the occasion)

For those who are unfamiliar with these awards, this is the highest accolade that can be received for wedding videography in Australia. This is something that our business has been striving for since we started operation in 2001. However being self confessed perfectionist and so critical of our own work, we had not yet entered in past years. We are now so glad we made the last minute decision to enter these 2007 awards.

A big thank you and congratulations go out to the following couples whose wedding videos we submitted that won us the awards.

Jeremy and Rachel 7th October 2006 – Wedding Traditional category

Noel and Rainda – 10th June 2006 - Wedding Short Form category

Thank you very much to everyone including our fellow video producers for your constant support and inspiration, we cannot describe how absolutely elated we are feeling for winning these prestigious awards. With renewed inspiration with our many new ideas and techniques we cannot wait for the 07/08 wedding season.


  1. hello,
    Guys i love your work. Did you do a wedding on 10 June 2007, Dr Ribeiro I think!? I happened to see the 5 minute trailor and what an amazing job you did.The footage of the reception and bridal dance was the best ever i have seen, the couple looked amazing. You guys are not doing yourself any justice until you post that footage on your website. everyone here at Royal perth Hospital that has seen it says " wow". I will surely be using you for my wedding end of next year.
    Who did the cake and wedding decorations, it was like an Hollywood wedding. was it all real?

  2. Thank you Natasha for your kind words. Yes we did video that wedding, the cake and wedding decorations were beautiful weren't they? Yes they were all real. Definitely just like a Hollywood wedding.

  3. hey guys

    How about posting some footage of the Ribeiro wedding?

    My Friend Kerry Ann, works for perth Bride and would like to do a write up in the december magazine. She will be contacting the couple. It will be very good publicity for you.

    Also Burswood said it was one of the best weddings they did. They have beautiful pictures of the flowers, cake etc in their latest advertising.

    How about you guys show off some of your awsome footage. i reckon its the best.