Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The Wedding Workshop

Last Wednesday we attending The Wedding Workshop held at Tompkins on the Swan. It was really a fantastic experience talking to a group of bride's and groom's, mothers, sisters and friends who were all there for one reason, to plan their wedding! What I loved about the workshop was that it wasn't to promote the vendors there but to give the guests valuable information for when they have to book suppliers for their own wedding.

Craig and I have been in the wedding industry now for 6 years and have videoed hundreds of them and there was so much information that we didn't even know. It was a great experience for us as well as we are not used to speaking in front of an audience. We are usually hiding away behind our cameras so to say I was shaking like a leaf before I went up to speak is an understatement!

We did however get wonderful feedback from the audience and many commented on our promo video that we played to show what a professional wedding video looks like. Craig and I felt very elated after that!

Cathrin from CD Weddings was the organizer and she did a fantastic job in planning the event. Each couple received a free Your Brides Guide to WA magazine when they entered which in itself is worth $20, so you get most of your money back right there. However my favourite part of the night had to be at the end when Kakes by Karen was giving out free samples from her gorgeous wedding cakes. Oh my, lucky Craig was there to drag me away otherwise I'd still be there slowly turning into a massive whale!

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