Thursday, 18 October 2007

Time off in Melbourne

While we were in Melbourne for the wedding it was fantastic to catch up with family which we hadn't seen in years. My cousin Jim who works for Channel 10 took us on a personal tour and showed us the set of 9am with David and Kim (formally the set of GMA). Everyone was very friendly on channel ten's level 6. We dropped in on a live news update and also had a good chat to some of the staff in areas we weren't familiar with which was really interesting.

We also had time to check out the real “Ramsey Street” which is actually called Pin Oak Court (yes I am a closet fan of “Neighbours”, don't hold it against me!)

After a visit to the Crown Casino (and no I don't have any more gambling luck in Victoria) we had a beautiful warm night so we decided to take some fun shots with my cousins in Port Melbourne and St Kilda. It was a great holiday we had a blast!

(These last three shots were all 30 second exposures, so you have to stand very still)

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