Thursday, 17 June 2010

Feedback Celeste & Sean's Wedding - 3rd January 2010

Recently we received this wonderful feedback from a client of ours. It warmed our hearts and made our day :) It really is so considerate when clients take the time to do this.

"Hi Kristen,

I couldn't let another day pass without thanking you and Craig for your amazing efforts with Celeste and Sean's wedding video. Jeff and I went up to Perth over the weekend to see our girls, and were so excited to watch the wedding video with them. No money or words could ever express our happiness and gratitude to you both for capturing in motion the love and happiness of our family, and matching it so timely with the chosen music of Celeste and Sean. You both have a very powerful gift in projecting the true essence of what is most important in life.....and we are so thankful to you.

I hope our paths cross again some day
with love and thanks

(Mother of the Bride)"

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