Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Mark & Brenda 11th October 2008

Mark and Brenda's wedding was on Saturday the 11th October 2008 and what a beautiful wedding it was. The ceremony was held at St Mary's Catholic Church in Leederville and the reception was held at the Parmelia Hilton, Perth

Brenda is such a striking, beautiful woman, she just shone in front of the camera. She made our job very easy. After the simple but beautiful ceremony, the photographers, Chevaughn and David from Portraits of Love, took the bridal party to UWA for photos. Mark and Brenda are such fun and friendly people that the day just went so fast. It turns out that Mark and Craig went to the same high school but were in different grades!

I love this photo, it looks like Mark and Brenda were celebrities and we were the paparazzi hounding them, well to us they were celebrities!

I absolutely loved Mark & Brenda's wedding cake, made by Kakes By Karen. It was designed around Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding cake with a few minor changes. Wow what an amazing cake and Brenda was nice enough to organise for us to take some home! It was just as yummy as it looked.

Here is Mark and Brenda's wedding trailer. For those who are new to the concept it is basically a preview clip which the couple receive shortly after their wedding day, prior to receiving their full DVD edit. For any of our current clients, if you are interested in purchasing the wedding trailer for your own wedding, please contact us before your wedding date.

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  1. She looks like the french actress Audrey Tautou!!