Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Simon & Novia's feedback

We received this lovely feedback from Simon and Novia 2 months ago and I've been meaning to share their beautiful words with you all. I've only just had the opportunity to re visit our blog so I apologise for the lack of updates. Simon and Novia's wedding was held in October last year and it was a small and intimate gathering. It was so beautiful to part of their day and you can really see the love they have for one another in their wedding video trailer.

Click here to watch Simon & Novia's trailer

"Dear Kristen and Craig,

Simply beautiful.
I've just finished watching your work and I've been left speechless.
It's taken me a couple of stiff drinks and excited glances at my lovely wife in order to compose myself and prepare to get all gushy.
What can I say? Is it the clarity, the fantastic editing, the flawless coordination? It's such a marvelous, professional piece of work. It's so much more than we had hoped for and I think Novia and I are both gearing ourselves up to show it repeatedly to all of our friends.
Our wedding day was such a blur for us both. To look at it all again and share these moments has been a very special emotional experience.
I am truly grateful that you shared our happy day together and helped us to re-live this very special day.
Superb work.

p.s. Perfect perfect perfect!!! I love it. I cried (again)! The way in which you blended the songs into the video, and picked the right song for the right moment, it was just sooo perfect!! I especially love "Just the two of us". The video truly speaks "More than words can say". As Simon said, our wedding day was such a blur, so it was very emotional and special for us to look at it all again, share these moments and remember how perfect it was. You guys are just so talented! Novia xxxx."

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